Nigerian startup CodeLn launches free applicant-tracking system for startups

Nigerian startup CodeLn, an online tech talent marketplace, has launched Insight, a smart applicant tracking system that helps startups manage job applicants and monitor their job vacancies, for free.

CodeLn is an end-to-end technical recruitment platform, helping companies easily recruit software developers by automating the entire process. It claims to reduce technical recruitment time by 80 per cent.

The startup’s new platform, Insight, is a smart, easy-to-use application tracking system where recruiters can post jobs, share jobs, receive job applications, manage job applications, and collaborate with team members to rate and hire candidates from any field. Key features include a company-dedicated job board, drag and drop kanban to manage applications, and a team collaboration feature.

The goal of Insight is to helps recruiters to manage all their job applications in one platform, with CodeLn providing access to the service for free.

“We noticed a problem that can be solved by simplicity and automation so we jumped on it. Being engineers, my team loves building so this time, we decided to build one for the startup community as our way of giving back. Having noticed a lot of startups struggle during hiring season, we built Insight to help them ease that stress” said Elohor Thomas, CEO and co-founder of CodeLn.

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