About Us

About Us

Africa Investment Consortium is a transaction advisory and investment facilitation firm working with governments, investment corporations, and development agencies to finance public and private sector projects in Africa.

“We act as an intermediary for African governments and companies looking to raise capital for projects and business initiatives.”


AIC offers capital raising services to large as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to expand their businesses across the continent. In doing this, AIC solves the financing challenges of businesses by connecting them with financing sources, communicating their business value, and negotiating investment terms. We are positioned to oversee their complete investment process from start to finish.

We understand that the issue for investors is gaining access to leads, negotiating with sponsors, structuring agreements, and managing high perceived risks. Africa Investment Consortium reduces the search cost for both capital providers and business owners by addressing information gaps about markets, sectors, and businesses. To address these issues, the Africa Investment Consortium’s transactional advisory service assesses and validates transaction feasibility.

Our Investment Dashboard provides trustworthy information about projects and initiatives of governments and business opportunities to our investors and clients. It also offers our members the opportunity to list their projects to attract the right investments.

Our Values


We place premium on ethical and professional standards in our operations, believing that our work should represent our firm’s unique vision of promoting investments in emerging economies on the African continent.


At Africa Investment Consortium, we value transparent and trusted partnerships as a critical pillar in achieving our vision. We recognize the importance of partnerships in propelling our work and as a means to ensuring a consolidated approach to addressing the financing gap on the continent.


As a privately held firm, we are steadfast in our prudent decision-making and procedures, sticking by and ensuring our clients receive the most benefit from our services.

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