Guinea: The 215 marking the areas of the airport identified

The operations to identify the areas to be recovered are continuing in Labé and for Monday, the third wave left from the Maléah sector in the Daka2 district to its neighbors in Tata1 and 2, in particular the former location of the radar.

Noumouké Traoré prefectural director of urban planning services is formal:

“From 500m we have come today to 200m, that’s what people have occupied. Since the year 2017, these limits have been retained all around also a street of 15 m? So at 215 m already, it is the right-of-way of the airport, the runway itself…”

The technician specifies that the census operations in progress are followed by sensitization and the determination of the land concerned by the recovery is done in the most transparent way possible.

Unlike other places, Noumouké Traoré believes that here, the teams did not want to put the cart before the horse and avoid going pell-mell hence the choice to start at the top to go down.

It should be noted that on the grounds of Labé airport or more precisely of its ruins, some houses marked with the red cross are entirely within the incriminated land, while others are partially and overflow either from a kitchen or a latrine block.


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