Wegenfund , new Ethiopian Crowdfunding platform, launched

Wegen Technology Solutions PLC launched an Ethiopian-based donation platform, WegenFund, in collaboration with the Bank of Abyssinia. Despite the fact that there are several well-known donation platforms in the Western nations, there are extremely few options to transfer money to Ethiopia. The platform aims to fill the critical lack of a local donation platform that can pull donation funds from all over the world to charities and noble causes of any kind in Ethiopia.

Ethiopians are one of the most social and generous people. They are generally keen to help others, either individually or by supporting various causes and initiatives. However, due to a number of factors, Ethiopia lacks a modern platform which organisations and individuals in Ethiopia can access and utilise easily for fundraising purposes. Taking into consideration the current challenges in Ethiopia, WegenFund was developed to fill the gap.

WegenFund’s major goal is allowing charities, religious organizations, and associations to build their own campaigns and collect donations with the requisite clearance received by Wegenfund and Bank of Abyssinia. It also allows people with medical challenges and conditions, who are supported by medical institutions and professionals.

Wegenfund is a very interactive, secured and easy-to-use website, the user can see what causes are ongoing, follow up on how much of the causes’ aimed money has been collected through donations, support those causes, or even create a new cause altogether. The platform has clear instructions of how to use the guide.

Recent causes featured on the website include campaigns for Somalia region droughts, Wag-himra (seqota) diocese support call, a project to aid orphans in the war ravaged areas of the country to an elders’ association that looks into sustainable sources of income for the elderly and an initiative that works with sex workers that want to leave that life.

Wegen Technology Solutions PLC is a technology firm founded by individuals with over a decade of experience working for several international companies. Wegen Technology offers a broader range of IT consulting and implementation services, such as software development, web development, and data analytics.

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