Minaland: Africa’s Foremost Multichain Epic NFT and GameFi Project, Announces Its Presale

When we talk about following trends in the Crypto space nowadays, we believe it is one of the on-point plans and decisions one can execute to bag gains on a project or idea. Even though it has always been a risky game to play in the space, day in day out there comes a concept that claims to have what it takes to mitigate the risks that blockchain has unavoidably been created with – sort of an upgrade in the matrix. Like a product trying to upgrade its backbone, its foundation; how ironic yet profusely ambitious.

It is in this scenario that after the advent of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) on the Blockchain in 2014 which was meant to add a use-case to Blockchain that a zillion more started devising ways to explore the hidden potentials hoarded by the Blockchain. Then we had DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) that came in with the intent of democratizing finance and having the larger masses take charge in decision making opposed to the government doing so. And then we have Gaming!

One of such projects aimed at adding utility to the blockchain network in the most unconventional ways is called Minaland, a multi-chain project to be launched on the Binance Smart Chain Network and gradually bridged to other chains in a later phase. The team ambitiously decided to combine utility bases of the Blockchain into its ecosystem – NFT, DAO and Gaming! With a modus operandi so easy to grab and understand, Minaland brings revolution to space as we know it.

First off, though the NFT Minting and marketing has a limitation to acceptable content, the reason for the limiting which I will explain in a bit is to drift off the conventional track of NFT Marketing which simply involves creating digital arts that suit one’s will whether abstract (severally) or has any reality attached to it (rarely). The Minaland NFT Marketplace is set out to accept digital contents of (but not limited to) cultural, and historic importance as long as it has a true story behind it.

Take for an instance, in Africa which has the most cultural heritage amongst any others on earth, there exists an artifact sanctified, dating back into the olden days or even the modern era. An artist haven created and verified their profile shall decide to pick one artifact, digitize, mint and publish on the marketplace with the story behind it attached which will be what buyers will see and approve the asking price by up-voting the genuinity of the art and establishing a breeding ground for bids – this is where DAO comes in, power in the hands on people! These art and/or artifacts shall therefore be found across cultures, regions, religions, heritages and so on, digitized and accepted on the Minaland marketplace.

Secondly, we have the gaming application whose category is war and conquest. It shall be a single player game laden with the story of Queen Amina of Zazzau (Present day Zaria, Northern Nigeria); a warrior queen in the 16th-17th century whose reign of 34-warring campaign years saw the rise in prominence and expansion of the Hausa Kingdom. She maintained a strict command of the Trans-Saharan trade route, boosting the economic abundance of the then Zazzau Kingdom.

However, these two (NFT and Gaming) seemingly independent ecosystems were fused in the Minaland project as thus: the Marketplace will harbor utilities needed in-game; an arsenal if you may. These digital contents will be available after being minted by NFT creators though the originals will be made available by the development team. On the other hand, the points from completing missions, drops from killing in-game characters can be traded in the marketplace for $MIN – the native token for every transaction in the ecosystem, the use case of a token has never been more mesmerizing.

Currently at the time of this publication we are at the presale stage with a Soft Cap of $500,000 and a Hard Cap of $1,000,000; an early stage to ape into the project. The pricing of token sales at the presale are; Seed Sale (minimum of $10,000) at $0.015, Private Sales (minimum of $10,000) at $0.02, and $0.025 at Public Sale.

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