Multinational Corporations

Multinational Corporation Member Benefits

$10,000 per annum

The Africa Investment Consortium Medium Enterprise Membership is designed specifically for companies aiming at gaining more deeper access to our global network of industry members, market data analysis, and firm profile enhancement for a specified number of employees. The membership comes with a high-level introduction and exclusive firm profiling together with the highest priority to investment opportunities and Africa Investment Consortium events.

The Multi-national Corporations Membership secures access for ten (10) employees to:

  • Africa Investment Consortium Insights (online) event & recordings.
  • Africa Investment Consortium Member Events
  • Africa Investment Consortium In-country Networking Sessions
  • Opportunity to invite three (3), non-selected guest, to specific Member events
  • One-on-one preliminary business assessment and advisory with Africa Investment Consortium Consultants
  • Discounted access to select partner conferences.
  • Access to funding information on the Africa Investment Consortium’s Dashboard
  • Discounts on Exhibition Booths at Africa Investment Week
  • All members receive a discount on tickets to our flagship event, The Africa Debate
  • Opportunity to be nominated for the Africa Industry
  • Complimentary Access to yearly Africa Investment Reports
  • Member spotlight on AIC Marketing Channels and Newsletters
  • One-on-One Introductions
  • Investor Missions across Africa
  • Access to other Africa Investment Consortium members on the Africa Investment Consortium Dashboard
  • Exclusive business development offers from our corporate partners
  • Facilitated introductions to African government officials and to the African diplomatic community
  • Promotion of thought leadership through editorial content on our social media platforms and weekly briefs.
  • Discounted access for three (3) employees to select partner conferences.
  • Discounted access to five (5) employees to our flagship event, The Africa Investment Week
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