Nigeria: Collaborations, fresh ideas necessary for growth of Nigerian startups, says Big Drum Africa

In a bid to accelerate the growth of Nigeria’s startup ecosystem, especially in the Northern States, Big Drum Africa has initiated a programme to support the country’s future business leaders.

It said that the programme would enable young entrepreneurs to access the networks and skills needed to grow and sustain their businesses, create jobs, contribute to inclusive socio-economic growth, and facilitate the expansion of Nigeria’s business ecosystem.

According to a statement by the CEO of Big Drum Africa, Mr. Darlington Onah, the essence of the initiative is to encourage collaboration and knowledge exchange among innovators with a view to creating both social and economic wealth.

“We believe the private sector’s role is critical for Nigeria’s development and that young and vibrant entrepreneurs must be supported to serve as catalysts for economic growth and poverty eradication.

“In that light, the Big Drum Africa Connect would be focused on three key areas, namely facilitating collaborations to empower startups for economic progress, exchange of ideas for delivering prosperity, and increasing social awareness for businesses to thrive,” he explained.

The Director of Operations, Big Drum Africa, Mr. Obiorah Samson, was also quoted as saying that the idea behind the initiative is the creation of opportunities to invest in Nigeria’s entrepreneurial talent and high-growth businesses, starting from Niger state.

He said, “Nigeria boasts of vibrant youths with enormous energy and drive for innovations. But the underlying ingredients lacking in the combination remain funding support, enabling environment, and the general motivation required for the display and actualisation of their innovative ideas.

“Therefore, at the upcoming Big Drum Africa Connect event, youths, entrepreneurs, creative minds, business owners, etc. would be offered a neutral and natural platform to use as a springboard for self and societal development.”


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